How To Take Care Of Your Phone Battery?

It is hard to think of a single moment without holding the mobile phone. It is very important to have a gadget in hand whether you are at home or away. The use of mobile phones is increased several times. Unlike the older versions the mobiles today are not merely for communication. These mobile phones serve several purposes. They are an extensive platform to serve the purpose of entertainment, information and at the same time they are equally important to fulfil the job requirements. In this digitally active world the smartphones can be a great tool of fulfilling your basic needs even while you are away from the office. There is no need to worry about the completion of the work goals as the phones have several tools, applications and software to facilitate you for this purpose. Besides other factors related to the effective working of the phone, the battery life is extremely important. A healthy battery would let you work for hours without any interruption. In case you have a battery that has started draining frequently, then you will have to plug in the wireless phone chargers in Brisbane again and again.

If you want, your battery to last long and work perfectly then here are some essential tips to consider. These are simple but quite helpful in adding extra years to the battery life.

1. Never charge a dead phone in one go

Smartphones operate with the lithium batteries. These batteries get charged in two different steps. The initial step in charging is meant to activate the electrons in the battery through the electric source. After more than half of the battery is charged usually at 70% the charging device makes sure that the voltage is kept at a constant between the battery and the charger. It is very important that the voltage remains the same in the final phase otherwise it can overheat the battery and damage it. It is essential to prevent the battery from getting overheated. If the mobile is dead or near to dead, then the experts suggest to charge it in sessions rather than charging till it till it reaches the final mark. The other way is don’t let it go less than half. Just plug it in as half of the battery is consumed.

2. Prevent battery exhaustion

Battery exhaustion means that the battery is either reaching the full 100 percent mark or has dropped to just 0. Both these options can negatively impact upon the battery life. In both the cases the battery has to extend more power which means that it is exhausted. An exhausted battery would not last long and you would have to switch to a newer mobile after little time. Link here make life a little easier for those who need it the most.

3. Be careful about the temperature

The extreme cold or heat can adversely impact upon the battery. Don’t leave the mobile in your vehicle, lockers or drawers whether it is extreme hot or extreme cold. Putting the phone in sun or in high temperatures can adversely impact upon the overall performance of the phone.

4. Don’t ignore buying a case

People do not consider mobile cases something important. The job of the case is not just protecting the screen or body of the phone but it is equally important in protecting the battery that is apparently out of sight. The battery is as delicate as the screen or other parts of the phone. It requires due protection. There are different kinds of cases available on the market. Check the one that allows the phone to fit in properly while at work.

5. Avoid switching off

Many users think that they can save the battery by just switching off the phone. It is not a good idea at all. Restarting the phone means that you are giving the battery a hard time. The better alternative to switching off is just changing some settings like reducing screen brightness, disabling push notifications and similar. The phone needs to restart only when you have added a new app or there is an update.